Fees for Services

Although OHIP does not cover the cost of psychological services, most private insurance plans cover services provided by Registered Psychologists. Our fees are consistent with the guidelines suggested by the Ontario Psychological Association. A lower fee than the standard can sometimes be negotiated depending upon one's insurance coverage and financial circumstances.

If you require psychological assessment and/or treatment because of a workplace accident, WSIB will pay for the cost of the services rendered.

If you require psychological assessment and/or treatment, because you were injured in a motor vehicle (car) accident, then auto insurance can cover the cost of your treatment.

You may claim the fees paid to a Registered Psychologist as a Medical Expense Deduction on your Income Tax Return.

We ask that you pay at the end of each appointment. We will issue you a receipt that you may use to claim an insurance reimbursement or as an income tax deduction. Payment may be made by cheque or cash.

If payment has been pre-authorized by an insurance company or WSIB, then we will bill the third party directly and you are not required to pay at the end of each session.