We provide comprehensive diagnostic and personality assessments to clarify the nature of psychological problems and to recommend treatment. We also provide assessments in relation to motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) and workplace injuries. These assessments focus on identifying the emotional, psychological and functional sequelae of MVAs, including traffic phobia assessments (as a driver, passenger, and/or pedestrian), or of workplace injuries, and their appropriate treatment.

Our psychological assessments provide a full DSM-IV diagnosis and when required, determine the relationship between an accident/triggering event and presenting symptoms. We are committed to completing the assessments and the reports in a timely manner.

Our Assessment Services include:
    ψ Psychological Assessment
    ψ Phobia Assessment (Driver, Passenger, Pedestrian)
    ψ Independent Medical Examination
    ψ Custody and Access Assessments
    ψ Critical Incident or Trauma Assessment
    ψ Assessment for Immigration Purposes
    ψ Assessments for Employee Assistance Programs